My Summer Necessities

My summer necessities help me survive the exhausting, draining, and terminating car trips. Do you struggle with trying to figure out what to bring on YOUR trip? If you read this post, you’ll find out what I bring on my trips.

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The Lonesome Gods by Louis Lamour 

This one is for all the guys out there. Louis LaMour pens his stories in a way that forces you to draw his stories. He has thrilled the nation by fictionally documenting the adventures of brave men and women on the American frontier. All of his books have a sense of strange adventure, gunfights, and a classic romance. 

Age Ranges: All

Genres: Western Fiction/Fiction/Historical Fiction/Adventure Fiction 

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Call of The Wild by Jack London 

Have you ever heard a dog’s point of view on a story? In Call of The Wild, author Jack London vividly follows the life of Buck, a California family dog who was dognapped and sold to gold hunters. For Buck to survive in the hypothermic Alaskan frontier, he must learn to listen to the call of his ancestors to be genuinely wild. Originally published in 1903, Call of The Wild has enthralled generations of readers. 

Purchase Call of The Wild on Amazon. 


Willow City’s EP 

I won’t lie. I am a HUGE fan of the Willow City Band. They are a family of four homeschoolers from Fredricksburg, Texas. They claim that this album is the perfect summer road trip soundtrack and it’s true! I tested it out on a two hour long trip through the rich, rolling, and refreshing Hill Country of Texas. This album made the journey peaceful yet pleasurable for me. It also made the Hill Country come alive with stories of “Hometown Signs,” the “Rise of Sun,” and being “Brand New.”

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Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong by for King and Country 

“We’re ready to run wild, run wild.” 

They started as Joel and Luke when they released their first every album “A Tale of Two Towns” in 2008. They then changed their name to “Austoville,” but that name didn’t last long. After they signed with Warner Music Group in 2009, they changed their name to for King and Country, which is the name that they are known by today. Since 2011, they have released two studio albums with their junior album coming out in October of 2018. All of their songs tell a story about the struggles that people go through every day. My personal favorite song is “Priceless.” This song calls out to young men and women telling them to respect one another by treating each other the way God wants us to treat each other. It also reminds us to not judge people because of events that had happened to them. God loves them even though they have been abused, teased, or bullied. 

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Earbuds and/or Headphones 

I personally love using earbuds mainly because I’m able to work with one in and the other one out. They are official Apple earbuds, so they are more expensive, but they fit my tiny ears perfectly. 

My headphones are essential Target headphones that were less than $5, but you can use more expensive ones that allow a Bluetooth connection, noise cancellation, and built-in microphones. 

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Apple MacBook Air 13in

I seriously don’t understand how I was able to work without a laptop. I am able to write all my blog posts, edit my photos, rough draft blog posts without internet, record music, edit videos, read books, and check out blogs I adore reading. I understand that MacBooks are more expensive, but they last you longer than $300-$500 laptops. Another spec I really like about MacBooks is AirDrop. AirDrop allows iPhones, iPads, iPods, and MacBooks to send documents and photos to other devices wirelessly. 

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