Jesus Jam Fest 2018

Jesus Jam Fest 2018 is the 15th annual free concert hosted by the CRRC, Freedom Outreach Ministries, Air1, K-Love, and many local businesses.

Freedom Outreach Ministries emphasizes that Christians are called to reach a desolate, dying, and self-destructing world. Their goal is to “break the chains and tear down the walls that are between Christian denominations.” (Jesus Jam Fest 2018, About page) 

The six artists that are headlining this year’s line up at JJF are Blanca, Joshua Micah, We Are Messengers, Branan Murphy, Aaron Cole, and Manic Drive. 


Blanca Elaine Callahan is a Puerto-Rican born CCM (Contemporary Christian Musician) Her claim to fame began in 2003 when she joined the Christian hip-hop band, Group 1 Crew. While apart of the band, she met her now-husband, Ben Callahan. She left Group 1 Crew in 2013 to pursue her solo career. Her self-titled album, Blanca, was released on May 4, 2015, after she signed with World Records. Her first ever single, Who I Am, reached #1 on Billboard Chart Christian Airplay. She released her newest single, Real Love, in 2017. 

Joshua Micah 

Joshua Micah grew up in Manchester, Connecticut with his mom, dad, and two brothers. When he was eight years old, he was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called ITP or Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, which involves the body being covered in black and blue spots. 

Ever since he was little, he played music. By the time he was 12, he had played drums and guitar in church. He was also in a rock band with friends from school, but after the group broke up, he prayed to God for more direction in his career. After stepping out in faith, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. In 2016, he released ‘Parachute, in 2017, he released his single Who Says and his debut album, 20XX. 

We Are Messengers

We Are Messengers is an Irish praise band from Monaghan, Ireland. They formed in 2015 and released their first studio album, We Are Messengers, in 2016 after they signed with World Records and Curb Records. Their album hit #10 on the Billboard magazine charts.

They consist of: 

Lead guitarist and vocalist-Darren Mulligan 

Vocalist-Heidi Mulligan

Drummer-Alex McVey 

Guitarist/Keys/Vox-Kyle Williams 

Bass/Synth/Vox/Tour Manager-Drake Kennedy 

Branan Murphy

Branan Murphy began writing songs in high school. When he was 18, he made the decision to pursue music not as a hobby, but as a career. His premiere single, All The Wrong Things, came out in 2017. 

“I write songs about what it’s like to be human – my own brand of ‘conscious pop.’ We are all complex people. We have struggles. We have contradictions. We have deep desires. We are all seeking to be loved, understood and satisfied. My songs attempt to capture those deep emotional, even spiritual, yearnings we have as human beings. The bottom line is that I want to make great art, but most of all I want to be honest. I want to sing about what people are really going through…” (Branan Murphy. Wikipedia ) 

Aaron Cole 

A new face in the music world, Aaron Cole definitely makes a mark. 

Aaron Cole was raised in Bristol, Virginia. His dad had a recording studio in their apartment, and Aaron would sit in on his uncle’s recording sessions. Aaron started rapping when he was three and released his first album when he was four. As all artists do, he went through struggling decisions of wondering if he should stay in the industry. In 2017, he released his first ever single Right on Time feat. TobyMac at the age of 18. His EP, Virginia Boy, came out on May 11, 2018. 

Manic Drive

The Canadian rock band, Manic Drive, started in 2004 by brothers Michael and Shawn Cavallo. They released Reason for Motion in May of 2005 after signing with Whiplash Records. Since then, they’ve launched four more albums: Reset and Rewind (2007), Blue (2009-2010), Epic (2011-2012), and VIP (2014). Interesting fact about their album VIP: it was released as an independent record and their hit single, VIP, topped Billboard’s Christian Rock Chart at #1. 


What To Bring To The Jesus Jam Fest 

  1. Water 
  2. Money to buy merchandise and food
  3. Chairs or blankets
  4. A Hat 
  5. Extra Deodorant 

  6. Sunscreen 
  7. Sharpie for autographs 
  8. Portable Charger 


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