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hideaway pizza 2018 eee

What time is it? Pizza time. I don’t know about you, but I sure do like an excellent, enjoyable, and exquisite environment when it comes to dining out. Hideaway Pizza is no exception. They are a rare restaurant chain because they are only based in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Three things that you should know about Hideaway before visiting Hideaway are the history of the chain, the New York style atmosphere, and the flavorful food.

hideaway pizza 2018 eee

What’s Hideaway Pizza?

Hideaway Pizza is an Oklahoma-based pizza company that has been around since 1957. It’s founders, whose names are Richard and Marti Dermer. They opened the shop near Oklahoma State University near Stillwater, Oklahoma. They believed that if the employees were happy; the customers would be happy. That is the motto they have stood by since the beginning, and that is one of the many reasons why Hideaway Pizza stands out from the crowd. Their organization is heavily involved in community giving. They love honoring individuals and organizations that influence schools and culture of around them. There are two ways to give: Donations and Benefit Nights. They try to use the donations to support many charities, but all requests must go through an approval process. Benefit Nights involve you inviting your family and friends to enjoy a fun-filled night full of good pizza and great fellowship, and they donate part of the sales to your organization. It’s a perfect fundraiser for anyone who likes great food and fellowship.

hideaway pizza 2018 eee

Question: What are your favorite pizza toppings?

hideaway pizza 2018 eee

How’s The Food?

I will not lie, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to order. Everything sounded so delectable, palatable, and enjoyable! The pizza was slightly doughy with soft, smooth, and stringy cheese. I had never seen Detroit style pepperoni before, but it made the pizza five times tastier than other pizzas I have tried. According to Bon Appetit Magazine,  a Detroit pizza is “a regular pie best known for it crunchy carmelized-cheese-coated edge.” (Bon Appetit Magazine, March, pg. 14) Now, I know that the pie doesn’t appear very similar to a Detroit pizza, but the pepperoni is what reminded. The pepperoni has a bowl shaped like a volcano opening and is crispy like a hard-shell taco. Not that it tastes like a taco. It is a metaphor.

hideaway pizza 2018 eee

hideaway pizza 2018 eee

Anyways, back to the meal. After I sat down at the planked table and received my sweet tea, I noticed that the drinking cups were unique. They somewhat reminded of Eskimo Joe’s cups, which is conveniently located in the same town as Hideaway. Interesting. One thing that struck me was that the cups had see-through plastic lids. It was helpful for the lids to be clear since I could see my drink and know when I needed to ask for a refill.

What’s The Atmosphere Like?

The atmosphere reminded me of a New York City pizza place met Oklahoma City. Though, certain differences stood out to me. While in New York City they cheer for the Nets; in Oklahoma City, they cheer for the OKC Thunder. Both are basketball teams. Also, there was a heavier influence on Oklahoma history, such as posters of overlays of important citizens in Oklahoma. They also had a variety of kites hanging from the ceiling. One that stood out to me the most was the Japanese print kite.

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I love pizza, but it has to be excellent, enjoyable, and exquisite. Three things that I like most about Hideaway Pizza are the history of the chain, the New York style atmosphere, and the flavorful food. One day, I hope to visit more of the restaurants conntected to the Hideaway chain. Maybe you will. If you do, comment down below about your experience.

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