The Secret of the Montana Mike’s Steakhouse

Anddddd I’m back! Back from where Evelyne? Well, I came back from my new favorite steakhouse, Montana Mike’s. As soon as I opened the wooden doors into the steakhouse, I realized that this place was one of a kind. As a food and travel blogger, I enjoy and examine restaurants so you all will know if going there would be worth your time.

So, What’s the Montana Mike’s Secret?

The secret of Montana Mike’s is in the history, atmosphere, and delicious, delectable, and devourable meals.

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The How, When, Where and Why About Tea.

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Tea is an infusion of dried herbs, bark, leaves or fruit that is used for medicinal or personal purposes.

I have four words for you: I don’t drink coffee. (Gasp!) Yeah, I know. I’m one of the few Americans who doesn’t rely on ground coffee beans mixed with water, milk, and spices. Instead, I rely on an infusion of dried fruit to wake me up or put me asleep. Ever since I was a little kid, I have enjoyed drinking tea, not coffee. To me, coffee has a weird flavor. I’ve drunk coffee a few times, but only because I poured more than a teaspoon of sugar in it. Speaking of tea, one of my favorite tea companies is Yogi. Yogi started in 1984 after a group of yoga students  attempted to brew the tea that their yoga teacher would brew for them. Yogi started with three flavors, now they have over 60 flavors, and they sell in grocery stores across America, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

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